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Say you tweet about a television show and friends tweet a reply -- the conversation is bumped to the top of the timeline with the original tweet and replies inline, and connected with the aforementioned vertical line. Conversations are unique to each person, which means you won't see tweets from people you don't follow directly in your timeline. The higher borrowing can be attributed, in part, to higher tuition, says Jack Buckley, commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics. Each content provider built its own Roku app, or channel, and Roku itself offered no content, viewing, or purchasing apps. Following today's announcement, Roku will offer movie and TV show options in its default menu, which takes you to a portal managed by M-GO, a competitor in the streaming-content space. Like other services, M-GO offers recent and catalog movie and television content for rental or purchase. But the move is a surprise from a company that hadn't previously shown any interest in providing content itself. It’s unclear whether the children were deliberately poisoned to destabilize the local government. It was nextregistered arriving in Balboa, on the Panama Canal's Pacificside, on May 31, and crossed the waterway the next day headingfor Havana. Posada Carriles has been living in the United States since 2005.

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I was terrified of having to get up to bat, or having to catch a ball. So, I was always searching for someone who’d take care of me and show me how to do things. At the same time, I knew the problem from the other side as well, because in my high school days a number of other kids came to me for support. So, I knew what it felt like to befriend somebody who wasn’t popular at a time when I had such a strong desire to be popular myself. Decisions like that had been incredibly painful for me, and I was still trying to work them out when I was in the army. By the time of Rebel, I was in therapy with Dr. Frederick Hacker and dealing directly with those issues. I still am. I think I’m the oldest patient in the world, celebrating my fiftieth year in therapy. I can’t tell you how many therapists have been cured just dealing with me.

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Although some of the quality issues can be addressed in the conversion process, not an can be, and many of the most significant components of the building (e. . the siding, roof, windows and decks) are often unaltered. People generally expect higher quality in their homes than they do in the buildings in which they work. Furthermore, many owners are expecting lower maintenance when they purchase a condominium and are disappointed when they discover otherwise. Developers, contractors and design professionals will all need to change the way they do business. Developers need to be prepared to spend more money for quality and should consider retaining building envelope and other consultants to advise during the construction process. Design professionals will need to prepare many of the design details that are often left to the subcontractors. Rather than inspecting only the particular unit being purchased, a buyer should consider retaining a qualified professional to inspect the entire building. The buyer should also look into whether the developer is local or instead an out-of-state developer with few ties to the region, whether the developer or any of the developer's principals are purchasing some of the units or otherwise have a long-term interest in the project, and what other projects the developer has built.

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The Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) correlate well with physician's assessment and have high predictive value. Translate and test the applicability and reliability of Arabic translated Ages and Stages Questionnaires (A-ASQ) in an Arabic speaking population. 733 healthy children were assessed. ASQ-II for 10 age groups (4-60 months) were translated to Arabic, back translations and cultural adaptation were performed. Mean scores per domain were compared to US normative scores using t-test. A-ASQ, after culturally relevant adaptations, was easily administered for 4-36 months age groups but not for 4-5 year old due to numerous cultural differences in the later. It proved to be culturally sensitive, which should be taken into consideration when adapting such tool to non-western populations. In the present study we addressed the question of whether sequential distribution patterns can be recognized for ARTAG or astroglial tau pathologies in both primary FTLD-tauopathies and non-FTLD-tauopathy cases. By evaluating 687 postmortem brains with diverse disorders we identified ARTAG in 455. We evaluated frequencies and hierarchical clustering of anatomical involvement and used conditional probability and logistic regression to model the sequential distribution of ARTAG and astroglial tau pathologies across different brain regions.

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In this case the adjustment must be made with the machine in the attitude in which it is to be used. The track spacing on record is determined by the capstan speed, which must be checked. As the capstan speed will be feedback - controlled by a frequency -generating (FG) wheel on the capstan shaft, it is generally only necessary to check that the capstan FG frequency is correct in record mode. Tape passing around the scanner is guided in three ways. On the approach, the tape is steered by the entrance guide, which continues to affect the first part of the scanner wrap. The centre part of the scanner wrap is guided by the machined step on the scanner base. Finally the last part of the wrap is steered by the exit guide. Helical interchange is obtained by adjusting the entrance and exit guide heights so that the tape passes smoothly between the three regions. In video recorders, which use wider tape, it will often also be found necessary to adjust the angle of the guides. In RDAT the tape is so narrow that it will flex to accommodate angular errors, and the guides only need a height adjustment.

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Forks is overcast, brooding and moody, much like Twilight ’s melancholic heroine. As Bella adjusts to her new high school, she meets Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a pale-skinned heartthrob who looks even more despondent than Bella. Edward and his mysterious, mishmash family are misunderstood by the town’s populace, many of whom believe the Cullen’s are part of a cult. Of course, as the story would have it, Edward and Bella fall hopelessly in love and they live happily ever after. Well, not quite. There are several ingredients that make this story irresistible. Starting with the source material, Meyer’s world is fully formed, which makes it easy for us to be drawn into the reality of the movie. Twilight embodies many universal themes, such as: overcoming prejudice, the struggle to fit in and not overdoing the glitter. Well, maybe not the last one, but the scene I’m referring to will go down as the film’s biggest blunder. I’ve been to Forks, and I can tell you it looks just like it does in the movie.

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If I do science, and I work in a system where scienti? results are rewarded, is it correct to automatically characterize me as conforming to get ahead and then damn me because of it. That would e? ctively damn scienti? scholarship across a good portion of the academy. Science Considered Helpful 31 By implying that academics, especially junior ones, can be forgiven for presenting as scientists in order to play the tenure game, the sympathetic argument admits without examination the notion that all those folks are well-meaning, worthy of our sympathy, but disingenuous. I do strongly agree with Horswill that my methods do not need to be your methods, and that valid knowledge can be gained by a diverse set of approaches. Horswill’s tack, however, is to call for us to use methods and metrics that are not scienti? . While adopting this approach might ?