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They would have to dig themselves out of at least 6 feet of hardened packed earth with nothing but bare hands. They cremated him and threw his ashes into the crater of the Septum. He just needs to fly to Kings Landing to raise the dead. Margery coming back as a wight; cat-fighting with Cersie can be gold. Too bad Margery is also dusted in that big explosion with Old Sparrow. My guess is Arya as way back season 2 I think when she told her they would meet again. They didn't show us the rest of their conversation. Maybe Bran can unravel what Tyrion actually planned with Cercei. This would rule out a return by Eddard, for example, as his bones were boiled and his skeleton returned to Catelyn by LF at Renly's camp. Sansa has given them design schematics that include leather for thermals. Perhaps the latter as some of Mel's dialogue and her character has elements of the Ghost of High Heart from the books. So, Bran is just being acted as the show runners want him to be is my interpretation. The show is on a compressed format if your brain can't understand they need to move from location to location in any given episode then it's not a problem with the show.

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Then, ongoing meetups will build a community to foster mutual understanding and collaboration, for example on design conventions, but also on the development of programs for formal education. 6 Concluding Remarks This work documents our ongoing, multipronged research and community-focused effort in creating and sharing interactive narrative design knowledge. Submarine Channel (2014) Utterback, C. Achituv, R. Text Rain (1999) Sorensen, V. Emergent Storytelling: Interactive Transmedia Installation for Digital Cultural Heritage. Presented at the Cham (2014) Hayles, N. . Montfort, N. Rettberg, S. Strickland, S. Electronic literature collection 1. Electronic Literature Organization (2006) Koenitz, H.

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But Americans lose their ever-loving shit when you destroy their symbols: statues, flags, pledges of allegiance, twenty dollar bills, white Jesus, and Merry fucking Christmas. You come for any of that stuff, you've got rioting in the streets, and domination of the news cycle for weeks. You symbolize the hope that women one day will win an argument with their husbands. That they won't be catcalled when they walk down the streets. That their bosses won't talk about their tits anymore. However, it's not loaded. 17) The prison guard was really working with Ally. There is something more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man. Ally and the prison guard were working together to take down Kai. 19) Beverly kills Kai. She shoots him in the head with glee. 19) Ally puts on the green velvet hood. In the final seconds of the finale, Ally is announced as the new Senator, and we see her pull a green velvet hood over her head.

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Accordingly he should be honor bound to his King until he gets said proof. I may agree with his actions here, but if you want to take a hard stance as Stannis does with everybody except himself, then he should still be supporting Tommen. Lack of supplies. Lack of troops to fend off the invading White Walkers. etc. Last night, gazing into that hearth, I saw things in the flames as well. I saw a king, a crown of fire on his brows, burning. Gold is cold and heavy on the head, but so long as I am the king, I have a duty. If I must sacrifice one child to the flames to save a million from the dark. Sacrifice. is never easy, Davos. The north as he views it is being held by a traitorous usurper, and if he captures Winterfell and returns it to Stark hands then he can rally the North in his favor to push south to be King. Her actually getting on the dragon is a big turning point for her ultimate return to Westeros.

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Or whatever it was exactly I can’t recall just now. There is a sleight of hand here that I don’t understand. Not anymore. I don’t see the houses that stick with the Bolton’s as traitors or the enemy. They all joined Robb in the war and because of his choices (and the choices of his Mother), they paid dearly. They can regain it, of course but like Lord Glover said, he could be skinned alive for just speaking with them. These houses have all suffered with Robb at the helm, so jumping ship now is probably fucking terrifying. A bastard, Stannis’ right-hand man and a Stark turned Lannister turned Bolton might not bolster a ton of confidence. When she was walking the streets, she was jumpy as hell. That would be my guess. ? Jon coming back is a total given. It wasn’t well, one may, if a relative tells them, it was every single northerner will summarily dismiss it.

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doh. That's what got me to thinking about it and the more you look at it the more sense it makes. I have it from a reliable source that he is definitely. The scene with him and the dragons was foreshadowing. I noticed that as well, they definitely showed us that for a reason. So The Mad King is Dany's father, I'm not certain on the timelines but could he also be Tyrion and Jon's father as well. Lyanna Stark? Possibly, we still don't know that whole situation. It's my belief that Lyanna and Rhaegar married in secret. I feel your statement is what is coming in the books and hoping it shows up in the show. Youtube has some pretty cool videos on predictions or history. No idea if it is true or not, but some of it sounds odd, interesting, and even some of it I hope isn't true. Anyone know what I am talking about or is that considered spoilers to talk about it.

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BJP, he said is people's party and has nothing to do with dirty politics which is why it intends to make people of Kashmir their partners in peace and progress wherein they can write their own fate. The visiting leaders also met members of Gujjar community in Kupwara and said that they have played a commendable role in development of our state. Seeking their support in strengthening party at all levels, Abdul Ghani Kohli said BJP-PDP coalition government in the state and NDA government at the Centre are working to the satisfaction of people without any allegation of corruption which is their strength. Abdul Ghani Kohli, while apprising members of Gujjar community about various schemes of union government said that this is for the first time in Indian history that a government is coming up to expectations of people and is away from corrupt practices. He asked them to take benefits of schemes like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, better health, education facilities and skill development initiatives. Yudhvir Sethi while talking to party functionaries said associating with this kind of dispensation and extending their whole hearted support will further strengthen BJP and make it victorious in next general elections scheduled for 2019. Youth of Kashmir, he said are intelligent, inclined towards development, know politics and are keen to associate themselves with peace and progress which is why BJP is banking upon this untapped force. He asked people to join BJP, strengthen it, become part of change and write their own fate. The Visiting BJP minister and Vice President also met district officials including DC Kupwara Khalid Jahangir and SSP Shemsheer Hussain and also asked them to apprise local population of government schemes by holding special camps. They said that government functionaries must make people aware of schemes aimed at helping them and not keep them confined to files only. The local party leaders and workers were also introduced to the local administration and asked to carry forward party's programmes amongst deserving ones. Yudhvir Sethi said that those criticising coalition government also know how deeply their ministers were involved in various scams and land grabbing cases during previous regime. People of Kashmir are political mature and need to understand the writing on wall which is why they will be able to ensure their victory on all seats on next election scheduled for 2019, He further added.

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As always. the body count is high on Game of Thrones and the final season is set to have some devastating losses. Another theory hints that Jaime Lannister could actually be the saviour of the world: Azor Ahai. In season seven, Jon told Daenerys: “The Children of the Forest made these a very long time ago. He was referring to early cave images of the Children of the Forest teaming up with three of the First Men to fight the White Walkers during the first Long Night. In the scene, the two gaze at a photo of three men - one of whom has a cuff on one hand which has led fans to speculate that Jon, Dany and Jaime represent the First Men. Bran Stark and the Night King come face-to-face in Game of Thrones (Image: SKY) The fan theory posted on Reddit suggests that Jaime and his golden hand are key to saving the world of man. According to Reddit user byrd82: “So, the basic gist is that there is a seriously problematic translation error that, once cleared up, will shed light on the identity of the hero. The user goes on to say: “According to the Valyrian dictionary, Valyrian words for lord and light are aeksio and onos. There's been a new theory suggesting that it will be Daenerys that kills Jon Snow and not the other way around, therefore fulfilling the Azor Ahai prophecy. A new theory has emerged that Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) could in fact be Azor Ahai and have to kill his beloved Gilley (Hannah Murray) in order to save the world. Actress Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei, has suggested that Jon Snow could be dealt a cruel death blow in season eight by his beloved Daenerys. Game of Thrones fans think they have figured out the Night King's secret ahead of the return of season eight.

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brilliant past. Now, Yoigo will be in a position to compete with the likesof Orange, Vodafone, Jazztel and ONO. Young airport, which has not servicedcommercial jets in 13 years but which the city must maintain tokeep some federal subsidies. The dollar index, which measures the U. . currency against a group of other major currencies, has declined for five days. The sale should reduce a heavy debt burden but will leaveit more concentrated in the middle- and low-income segments. But this year, Hadar found acceptance - and self-expression - at Drag Yourself, a Tel Aviv school offering 10-month courses for budding drag performers. Students learn how to teeter on high heels, apply false eyelashes and fashion their own drag personas. That visit marked the one-year anniversary of a deadly tornado that hit the southwestern Missouri city. It would be a slap in the face to the mayor's many victims to see him get anything from the city of San Diego. The city only permits residents to display signs during major holidays is starting to crack down on the displays. T-Mobile has 101 million subscribers making it the worlds sixth largest mobile phone service provider globally.

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Brick by brick their friendship grows as they break their way through this awesome game. A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly. Foster for the latest episode of Between the Sheets, a one-on-one interview series that examines the stories behind. Twitch subscribers gain instant access to VODs of our new shows like Between the Sheets and All Work No Play. Twitch subscribers also gain access to our official custom emote set and subscriber badges (designed by our beloved Critter Arsequeef) and the ability to post links in Twitch chat! Let's Play - Lego Dimensions with Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham. Let's Play - StarWhal Just the Tip with Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham. Twitch subscribers gain instant access to VODs of our shows like Critical Role, Talks Machina Between the Sheets and All Work No Play. Jenkins of Travis County announced the latest development in the nearly 2-year-old case last week, ordering Students for Fair Admissions Inc. Constitutions. Students for Fair Admissions brought the Travis County case in 2017, a year after the U. . In the Travis County case, Blum 's strategy appears to be to pursue the litigation up to the Texas Supreme Court.

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A mounted Jaime Lannister, leading a troop of Tyrell soldiers in a demonstration of force, will march on the Sept of Baelor (presumably to demand Margaery’s release). Tommen is also there and he accepts the authority of the faith (though he is the only one who seems genuine about it). So, if you received a DVD from your cousin at HBO that shows Ramsay Bolton being devoured by Rhaegal, please keep it to yourself. Anything else is fair game: Books, wild theories, Photoshopped images of Rickon warging Ramsay's dogs, whatever. Link to official photos is below, courtesy of Watchers on the Wall. Predictions: 1. Ramsay finally goes to Hell. 2. Jon gets some unexpected help. 3. Dany's meets Yara. Intense girl-girl subtext ensues. My assumption is Melisandre, otherwise why bring her back at this point.

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Paling kalaupun ada film-film horor Indonesia yang jeleknya “beda” ya bisa diitung jari dan gue juga gak tau apa mereka bikin itu secara sadar, emang punya taste yang buruk tapi luar biasa naif dan malah ngerasa udah keren, atau lagi ngalamin bad acid trip haha. Kaya Tumbal 97 (temen gue ampe bilang filmnya udah kaya film horor absurd Jepang), 13 Cara Memanggil Setan, Affair (gue selalu bilang ini film arthouse untuk masyarakat kelas bawah, emang cuma kelas menengah atau hipster doang yang bisa nikmatin film-film surreal nan artsy lol), atau Cyin, Tetangga Gue Kuntilanak. Gue yakin ada yang bisa nikmatin film-film kelas B sampah di sini, cuma gue beneran belum punya bayangan apakah film-film kaya gitu bisa diterima oleh masyarakat banyak kalo diputar di jaringan bioskop-bioskop konvensional. Mungkin so far yang paling berhasil ya kaya film Azrax haha. HSD: 'Pendakian Birahi' sudah diputer di event Layar Tancep Indie WR, gimana respon penontonnya. Azzam: Layar Tancap Indie adalah wadah yang disediakan oleh WR Store untuk yang ingin menyaksikan film-film yang sulit ditemui, jenis-jenis film yang mungkin jarang kalian tonton, dan memberikan pengalaman menonton yang berbeda dari biasanya. Dulu pernah nayangin film aksi kelas B jadul dari Turki, terus juga film zombie murahan dari Jepang, dan terakhir Layar Tancap Indie sempat menayangkan film produksi Nigeria. Respon penonton saat nonton PB luar biasa. Meriah. Pada beberapa bagian, penonton tertawa terbahak-bahak. Gue mendapati respon yang actually emang gua harapkan saat membesut PB. Azzam: Ada beberapa skrip yang udah jadi tapi belum sempet buat direalisasiin (aka belom punya duit dan waktu buat syuting). Gue juga pengen bikin film pendek yang judulnya “Pocong Kesurupan Hitler” tapi belom sempet aja haha.