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Therefore, it is a great opportunity for those of us already working in the field to come together and create collaborative learning platforms, for example the Eclipse OpenADx initiative, which Microsoft is an active contributor to, together with Bosch and several other stakeholders. A big motivation behind the Autonomous Driving Cookbook for us is to promote this spirit of collaboration and so, we welcome other experts in the area to contribute tutorials to the cookbook to make it a go-to resource for people who wish to enter and grow in this exciting field. And statistics provided by Valve for its gaming platform Steam shows the transition takes place rather slowly, with Windows 7 still remaining the number one desktop operating system in February with 68. 0% market share. On the other hand, Windows 7 dropped 3.

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Anyway, I wanted to ask - what weapon do men have, speaking of the greater, historic struggle between magic and men. Men being legion (the reason they once won against the CotF) but far from united. I forgot the Summerislands, with their sex-goddess, but they don't care about anything either. So: The chessboard seems to be in a disequilibrium. I liked your theory very much, with Jaime as Azor Ahai.

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