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Or that they don’t switch off automatically when they’re too far away. Does that mean there’s a ginormous army of them that can revive any person it kills. The obstacle to establishing a truce with the good guys is not Cersei’s lack of belief in an army of the dead. You must be having interesting conversations sharing notes of your respective experiences. Anyway, I’m not a prisoner on Dragonstone, I’m capturing an undead soldier to bring him back yadda yadda yadda please don’t kill each other or rebel. Then the dragon could come shooting out of the lake with Jon on its back. There is no way that Sansa would confide in LF like she did in this episode. Even these terrible writers can’t be that terrible, can they. Leaving aside the matter of special effects budgets and the cost of good acting talent (AFAIK, even A-list VAs tend to be waaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than reputable meat actors), with live action there’s a constant tension between the physical reality of what is one camera and the unreality of the fantasy elements. And I’m not just talking about bad CGI, though that doesn’t help. With animation, everything’s fake, so you don’t have that tension. Everybody’s a moody teenager, there’s tons happening, and you even have the ubiquitous love triangle.

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P. Lovecraft II in 1967 and 1968 respectively; their titles included “The White Ship”. The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets entire repertoire is Lovecraft-based. Melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder produced “Throne of Lunacy” and “Thy Horror Cosmic” based on the Cthulhu Mythos. UK anarcho-punk band Rudimentary Peni make repeated references in their song titles, lyrics and artwork, including in the album Cacophony, all 30 songs of which are inspired by the life and writings of Lovecraft. The board games Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, and dice game Elder Sign are derived from mechanisms first introduced in the Call of Cthulhu RPG. Two collectible card games are Mythos and Call of Cthulhu, the Living Card Game. He has also written liner notes for many LPs and CDs for artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles. It is based on a 1955 BBC television play, The Creature, written by Nigel Kneale ( The Quatermass Xperiment and sequels), who also wrote the screenplay adaptation for the film. For this welcome courtesy, as well as its thrills and its nonsense I salute The Abominable Snowman. The Sunday Times, 1957. Kneale and Guest intelligently kept the focus of the filmic adaptation not on the special effects the larger budget allowed, but on creating a chilling atmosphere and foreboding sense of dread.

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Suggested talking points: Coors is Cool, Company Ink, Cyble, First Dance, Mellencamp, Cat Smooches, Chun-Li 56:02 April 22, 2013 MBMBaM 148: The Best Part of Waking Up This week's episode features a WORLD EXCLUSIVE debut of a track off a highly anticipated album. Please do not rip it and put it on YouTube, or Spotify, or SoundCloud, or Google Buzz. Suggested talking points: Daft Punk Gerunds, Purest Plutonium, Pass it On, McDonalds Vetting, Laundry Hog, Pants Trap, Folgers, The Streak 59:09 April 15, 2013 MBMBaM 147: The Legend of Corn Cob Boy Happy Week Two of Max Fun Drive 2013. If so, we'll provide you with a special version of this episode, edited to remove all onomatopoeic egg sounds and Jaleel White impressions. Suggested talking points: MBMBMaM 3D IMAX Re-Release, The J Files, Fast Food Bathroom, Incredible Inedible Egg, Straight Shooting, Krav McGraw, Anger Surrogate, Monstro Slash-Fic, Sonic Slash-Fic 1:16:19 April 8, 2013 MBMBaM 146: Kenan By Way of Kel It's our first Max Fun Drive 2013 episode. We've got an extra long episode for you this week, featuring a showdown between the McElroys and their longtime rival-in-advice, Dan Savage. Suggested talking points: Halo Opportunities, Schadenfreude, Fabinets, Roll-Ups, Rough Mouth Stuff, A Half-Inch of Spume, Bangarang, Straight Survivor, Cleaning Montage, Walgreens Lifer, Secret Cats 1:15:44 April 2, 2013 MBMBaM 145: Three's Company High Is this episode a day late? Yes. We'd say it's a dollar richer, since we had an extra day to ruminate on your questions, providing even more potent measures of sweet, sweet wisdom. Suggested talking points: Passover the Dutchie, Lonely Wife Swap, The Worst Fast and Furious Movie, Arby's Reunion, Hydranting, Two Dads, Family Photos, Romantic Audiobook 1:04:40 March 26, 2013 MBMBaM 144: Kick it Forward Coming to you live, from exactly one day ago, it's My Brother, My Brother and Me: St. Suggested talking points: A Fixer for the City, Justin's Atrocious Owl Imagery, Love Act Payment, Piracy, Comin' up Facewards, Cute Meat 1:10:26 March 18, 2013 MBMBaM 143: Daniel Day Nutchuckles It may be Daylight Savings Time, but we wouldn't recommend skipping this particular hour of comedy. Also, we are very tired, and are going back to bed.

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Not an “oops, ” not a “yikes, I think we went a little overboard that time, ” not a “boy, I’ d like a do-over on 1967. baby boomers, especially the ex-hippie division, are averse to second-guessing themselves. Nowhere in the literature have I found a hint of one explanation that is far more obvious and plausible than the others. Which is this: The seeds of the destruction of the Haight experiment could be found in its own antinomianism, in its original inspiration. Maybe the wholesale rejection of time-honored and time-tested values — monogamy, moderation, good manners, self-denial, self-control, the sanctity of private property, personal accountability to higher authorities, both material and spiritual — leads to squalor and misery. Maybe the project they’ re celebrating in San Francisco this summer was doomed from the start. Kids gather there still, although for some of them, given the slightly menacing and aggressive air, “flower child” would be a misnomer. The sidewalks are choked with tourists and bums. One neighborhood fixture waves his sign at passing cars: “Smile If You Masturbate. Occasionally a mother in yoga pants pushes through the clusters of street people, using her baby carriage as a battering ram, ignoring the leering and the muttering. The days are long past when cops walked the beat in hopes of dispersing groups that blocked the rights of way. I decided to spring for a walking tour because the come-on was hard to resist.

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the vagal reserve and modulation by a sympathetic stimulus in nonelderly patients with SH without cardiovascular problems. We carried out a cross-sectional study, comparing data of the heart rate variability (HRV) of SH patients and healthy controls at rest and after vagal and sympathetic stimulation. Clinicians are called upon to pay greater attention to patient -oriented outcomes to evaluate the impact of these injuries. Little agreement exists on which outcome measures are best, and clinicians cite several barriers to their use. Single Assessment Numerical Evaluation (SANE) may provide meaningful outcome information while lessening the time burden associated with other patient -oriented measures. Hypothesis: The SANE and International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) scores would be strongly correlated in a cohort of young active female patients with knee injuries from preinjury through 1-year follow-up and that a minimal clinically important difference (MCID) could be calculated for the SANE score. Methods: Two hundred sixty-three subjects completed SANE and IKDC at preinjury by recall, time of injury, and 3, 6, and 12 months postinjury. Pearson correlation coefficients were used to assess the association between SANE and IKDC. Repeated-measures analysis of variance was used to determine differences in SANE and IKDC over time. MCID was calculated for SANE using IKDC MCID as an anchor. Results: Moderate to strong correlations were seen between SANE and IKDC (0. 5-0.

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personal campaign to stop all such tragedies, this documentary traces the Armenian genocide? links to the Holocaust, Rwanda, Bosnia, the Iraqi Kurds and today? conflict in Darfur. As previously announced, AFI FEST 2006 will be celebrating 20 years in 2006, with plans to celebrate AFI FEST and 15 years of FILMEX through a series of commemorative events, series and special programs throughout the 11 day festival AFI FEST 2006 presented by Audi will run November 1-12, 2006. Passes are on sale now and tickets go on sale to the public on, Friday, October 13th. Celebrating 20 years as a program of the American Film Institute, AFI FEST 2006 presented by Audi will span 11 days in November, featuring international competitions of brand new films from emerging filmmakers, global showcases of the latest work from the great film masters and nightly red-carpet gala premieres. In 2005, with 129 films from 44 countries, AFI FEST was host to 522 filmmakers and guests from 35 countries. More than 60,000 attendees descended upon the AFI FEST Village in the heart of Hollywood for hundreds of screenings, receptions and special events, with the majority of activity headquartered the state-of-the-art ArcLight Hollywood complex. The American Film Market (AFM), November 1 ? 8, 2006 is the market partner of AFI FEST. As the largest motion picture trade event in the world, AFM draws film community leaders from around the globe. Each year over 8,000 attendees converge on Santa Monica for deal making, screenings, seminars, networking and parties.

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Malah terkadang, cewek dalam film justru jadi korban. Diculiklah, dikejar psikopatlah, diputusin pacarlah, disuruh nyucilah, dll. Mereka masuk ke dalam daftar orang-orang paling gila di dunia. Mereka bukanlah cewek tipe eye-candy (diliat boleh, dipegang apalagi). Saking seramnya, kalo lagi jalan di jidat mereka ada tulisan ”Senggol. Sebelah kaki cewek ini harus diamputasi karena dimakan zombie yg merajarela di kota. Dengan senjata di kaki, Cherry lantas berubah menjadi cewek superhero dan membasmi zombie2 di kota. Julie adalah orang yang paling menentang hubungan Scott dengan Ramona. Saking menentangnya, dalam satu adegan digambarkan kalo lampu ruangan aja sampai bisa padam karena peringatan keras Julie kepada Scott. Setiap cewek ini ngomong, selalu keluar sensor di mulutnya hihihi. Tiap jam dia nelponin Stu, nggerecokin dengan pertanyaan-pertanyaan gak jelas. Parahnya, Melissa sendiri diketahui ada main dengan seorang bartender di dalam kapal pesiar.

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LALIFF? selection of 34 short films is divided into 8 programs: Urban Stories. See the complete list of short films below. ? his year? program offers a balanced selection of new voices and voices that we have heard before. Together and individually they go beyond telling Latino stories; they narrate in film the human experience. MEXICO ? WEST COAST PREMIERE ? LGUIEN HA VISTO A LUPITA? (HAVE YOU SEEN LUPITA? , Gonzalo Justiniano, 86min.

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The deliberate silence on part of the BOSE is creating a suspicion that it was done with the concurrence of the concerned officials. The onus lies with the Chairman BOSE to come out with the truth. rig Gupta also strongly condemned the lathi charge on the protesting students many of whom were young girls. Such high handedness of the local SHO is not only deplorable but deserves severe action against him. Quoting eye witnesses Mrs Rajni Sethi, State Vice President stated that she was appalled to note that girl students were physically handled by male cops and there were no female cops present on the scene. Such acts are against the very concept of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”, a flagship programme of the Modi Government. The Yuva Morcha and Mahila Morcha of the Party have also condemned the uncalled for brutal act of the local police. rig Gupta said that the party while condemning the act is hopeful that suitable action will be taken against the defaulter policemen by the Director General of Police. Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra announced BJYM District Presidents for Kashmir Province BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra in consultation with BJP State President and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma CA announced BJYM District Presidents for Kahmir Province. Raja Showket is District President Srinagar, Nisar Ahmed Bhat is District President Budgam, Azmat Khan is District President Ganderbal, Syed Umar Sultan is District President Bandipora, Imran is District President Baramulla, Shujah Rashid is District President Kupwara, Tawseef is District President Pulwama and Mohd.

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Performances and exhibitions that I created were shown in Museum of Modern Art of Strasbourg, France (2014), Multi-Media Festival Diffrazzioni in Florence, Italy (2016), Art galleries of Austria, Spain, Croatia, Ukraine and Germany. Through the process of assigning human attributes to the bot, it becomes an agent in a mutating form of bureaucratic governance that is replacing charismatic humans, as Mathieu O’Neil proposed in his book Cyberchiefs, with charismatic code. Bringing in focus one of the bots reflects larger patterns in the relationship between what are essentially human and non-human contributors collaboratively working together on a knowledge platform. This paper seeks to reveal how power is redistributed within this environment and what can be said about the human community by peering deeper into the algorithmic actors ecology. With an interest in automation practices, disruption of the interface and peer to machine knowledge production, her practice consists of research investigations into knowledge sharing and bureaucratic systems. Having recently graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, she is currently examining ecologies of algorithmic workers on digital platforms. The session will include a breakdown of the phases of Blair’s research process: data collection, analysis, and synthesis, as well as how the iterative process has changed her work, and how she uses it to address technical, conceptual, and aesthetic elements of her work. She completed the B. . . Honours program in Visual Art at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver in 2009. Her work focuses on the ways humans interact with technology and how technology mediates human experiences, using wearable technology and physical computing to explore these themes.