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The Blue Dogs ignored him and the New Dems put him on their watch list rather than endorsing him. But Monday evening the Post and Courier took a deep dive into how she could have lost in such a red district, a Republican disaster almost entirely of Trump's making. She beat Sanford because of Trump's last minute endorsement but she could never raise the money she needed to deal effectively with Cunningham and the NRCC refused to put significant resources into the race. The Trump-heavy messaging that worked for them in the primary stayed largely the same. Some trouble spots are obvious, like the fundraising gap Arrington could never seem to close, or the fact that Cunningham beat them to TV and stayed on the air throughout the general election campaign. Other challenges, like Arrington’s failure to appeal to suburban Republican swing voters, becomes a more complicated story to tell. Was it really a split among Republicans who backed Sanford, like she hinted at during her concession speech, or was this a Trump referendum vote. What happened in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District has been largely reduced to catch-all explanations and sweeping generalizations about issues like offshore drilling, but the story of Arrington’s loss is as nuanced as the coastal district itself. Though historical election data gives a Republican candidate in the district a built-in 10-point advantage, it is a unique district. In 2016, Trump bested Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the district by 13 points.

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While researching the Outlaw King true story, we learned that the tomb of Robert the Bruce (1274-1329) was discovered when part of the Abbey Church in Dunfermline, Scotland was being rebuilt in 1817. Contained inside a rotted wooden coffin was the skeleton of the King of Scots. It was encased in lead and covered by fragments of Cloth of Gold shroud. A plaster cast was taken of the skull before the remains were reburied a few months later. Some items were not reinterred, including a foot bone (metatarsal), Cloth of Gold shroud, pieces of the lead coffin, and the impressive white marble table-top tomb itself. These objects are currently part of The Hunterian collection at the University of Glasgow. This significantly contrasts actor Chris Pine's 6-foot tall frame in the movie. Robert the Bruce's large head indicates that he was likely very intelligent. -Daily Mail Online Historians and craniofacial experts used the cast of Robert the Bruce's skull (left) to create a computer-generated rendering of his face, neck and head (right). Were there any paintings or sculptures made of Robert the Bruce when he was alive.


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And in defence he could catch most, but not all, of the Bridport players. Bridport's backs are also quick, and given a glimpse of open space they will score Young Terras footballers score with Battens Charitable Trust YOUNG Weymouth footballers are stepping out in a stylish new kit thanks to sponsorship from a leading law firm. In theirm first league season, Weymouth Football Club’s Tiny Terras Under 8 youth team are to be sponsored by Battens Solicitors through its charitable trust for the next two seasons. EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: TSJCS Inter Girls who finished second in the Shaftesbury Relays. THE Sir John Colfox School cross-country teams continued their successful start to the season with a win for the Junior Girls in the 2014 Shaftesbury Relays. Olivia Willmore got the winning Junior Girls off to a great start, completing the course in 11. 6 minutes, the fastest time in her age group and the third fastest overall time. Dulcie Gatehouse kept the lead on leg two, and in doing so recorded the second fastest time for her age group. Hannah Bowell took over the third leg and ran very well before passing on to Maddy Herbert who led the team to victory; once she had located the finish line. The Inter Girls team comprising Olivia Symes, Rosie Jones, Ceri Edwards and Sydney March, also put in an excellent performance to finish in second place considering they were competing against teams which included 6th Formers.


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Regardless, you need to delight in discovering key words. My site has a lot of completely unique content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my agreement. You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject that’s been written about for years. Sounds earthy. Oh, did I mention, to assist low-VOC paints and energy star gizmo’s. Small Green Tree House is open between 7 am and 6 pm daily for 156 green and hip kiddos (from about six weeks to college olds). Hmmm. wonder if there is room for me. If for example the commercial made for “Free” or by nothing or “thrown in”, chances are it will not be of the best high quality. Through an effective commercial that lights from day on could save you benefit the long run and likely bring extra business.


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A shining example of someone lacking refinement? (5,7) 20. What it takes to understand the information? (12) 12. Those becoming 9 half deny being in centre of acrobatic tricks (8) 14. About 100 give assistance, but it becomes sour (4) Yesterday s Solutions QUICK Across: 6 Rejoice; 7 Tepid; 9 Quiet; 10 Defunct; 12 Counterfoil; 14 Flirtatious; 18 Disband; 19 Chief; 21 Risky; 22 Deplore. Down: 1 Venue; 2 Forego; 3 Ice; 4 Rebuff; 5 Circuit; 8 Demerit; 11 Uncanny; 13 Illicit; 15 Rebuke; 16 Uphold; 17 Merry; 20 Fen. CRYPTIC Across: 6 Footman; 7 Minus; 9 Heads; 10 Useless; 12 Contracting; 14 Three cheers; 18 Antique; 19 Guard; 21 Venom; 22 Let down. Down: 1 Tower; 2 Studio; 3 Was; 4 Billet; 5 Nursing; 8 Estates; 11 Stuck-up; 13 Channel; 15 Edison; 16 Rounds; 17 Draws; 20 Set. 14 14 GULF TIMES Wednesday, November 2, 2016 CINEMA Lipstick as a liberator at Tokyo Film Festival Scenes from Lipstick Under My Burka.


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God knows why he carried out this act' - Telegraph. Albert Martial Arts, Judo and BJJ in Edmonton Area. Doctor Clothing reviews and fraud and scam reports. Here? why none of them passed. - The Washington Post. Bulk Ammo and Cheap Reloading Supplies For Sale Online. Why aren? we doing anything about it? - The Washington Post.


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Banyak laporan yang menyebut alasan penonton itu keluar juga dipengaruhi oleh keadaan jadwal kereta dan traffic yang enggak mendukung. Apapun itu, yang jelas ngeloyor keluar di saat acara masih berlangsung adalah sebuah perbuatan yang menunjukkan gestur tidak hormat. Penonton yang walk out tidak peduli soal duit yang sudah mereka keluarkan, karena menurut mereka pulang tepat waktu lebih penting dari melihat Reigns dicecokin ke dalam kerongkongan mereka sekali lagi. Reigns jadi main event acara padahal pertandingan yang ia lagai tidak mempertaruhkan apa-apa. Tidak sembarang superstar ataupun tidak ngasal saja menunjuk match yang fungsinya mengirim penonton pulang dengan memuaskan sekaligus tetap membuat mereka geregetan untuk lanjut menonton lagi lain kali. Spot ini ditujukan untuk elemen-elemen cerita yang paling penting. Biasanya jadi partai perebutan sabuk kejuaraan dunia, sabuk dengan kelas tertinggi dalam klasemen. Ketika Lita dan Trish Stratus dijadikan main event Raw, itu adalah momen paling spektakuler karena biasanya selalu superstar cowok yang dianugerahi posisi terhormat ini. Segitu pentingnya soal main event ini, bahkan CM Punk cabut dari WWE karena dirinya tidak kunjung diberikan spot main event di Wrestlemania; acara paling gede di WWE. Ini adalah partai yang murni dari perseteruan Joe yang sadari awal kemunculannya sudah jadi bebuyutan Reigns, masalahnya feud mereka sudah tak perlu lagi dilanjutkan karena Joe dan Reigns sudah pisah brand -Joe di Smackdown.


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My smart phone is small and I can barely use the keyboard because my fingers are so wide. As for pianos my 11 year old son is doing grade 7 piano and he manages perfectly well, as does his petite female piano teacher so there is little wrong with the piano keyboard. If you made the keys small many men would not be able to play at all because they would not be able to press a single key without pressing an adjoining key. This is why I contribute to their charity. special misogynist reserve to protect them. In any case the self parking car has been invented which should solve most of the problems. Steerforth Oh please, Ms Perez. You are grasping for arguments to advance your feminist agenda and in doing so you have suggested some inconsequential minutiae that undermine your case. You also incorrectly state what happened to the Stg 5 banknote. Winston Churchill replaced Elizabeth Fry but Jane Austen was placed on the Stg 10 note.

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Haha. It was amazing for me, man. I’ve always had a very (over)active imagination, and watching these flicks just made me happy, sent me to another world. I’ve always been a collector and very fond of physical media: books, records, VHS tapes etc. And since the internet is how most people get their information nowadays, I think it’s really important to keep physical media around. It’s tangible; it’s not just some coding the blinks on some screen. I never thought it would get such a great reaction. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to connect with so many people that care about VHS and weird cinema in general. I can recall some of my friends just knowing that I was scared when it came to zombies and they’d be like, “Zombies, Josh. How would you describe Lunchmeat Magazine to oh, let’s say to a starving guy lost in the woods and is starving for a good meal.

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The film was hardly perfect, but it made some wonderful statements about gun violence and racial inequality in the context of gang-ridden south Chicago. I like how the film used humor to try and understand such terrible problems in our society without ever once understating their importance. It’s a sweet little film with a lot of heart, a surprising amount of brains, and a lot of seriously funny moments, even if its numerous subplots make for an uneven overall product. But which one was the best at handling all of the above. It’s a bold movie with a wicked sense of comedy, great characters portrayed by a rock-solid cast, outstanding action, and an engaging central mystery. I dabble in video games and I'm still pretty good at DDR. My primary hobby is going online for upcoming movie news. I am a movie buff, a movie nerd, whatever you want to call it. I'm talking about Watchmen, Preacher, Sandman, etc. Self-contained, dramatic, intellectual stories that couldn't be accomplished in any other medium.