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It’s not that I considered depressing what you were saying, I didn’t want you to relieve bad memories and feel the pain again. I wouldn’t think you are a sick person by imagining a suitable punishment for Roose or Ramsay. Don’t forget that I admire GRRM’s work a lot, and it’s far from rainbows and unicorns. Iwan is a great actor (I have seen him in Vicious and Misfits, two completely different characters, maybe you know those series), when I watch him play I have the same feeling like watching Lena: love the actor, hate the character. It’s interesting that Iwan wanted to play Jon’s part, but he didn’t get it. I can’t imagine him as Jon, even if Iwan has already played innocent and withdrawn characters. I hope Ramsay will beg for mercy and Jon will swing the sword. I want Sansa to be avenged, I feel sorry for the girl (she has been tortured a lot), even if I can’t forget her role in Ned’s death. But I don’t think she will be the killer, Ramsay is in good shape (remember him hunting), even if he’s not tall and very strong. Buttttttttbuttttttt it is just lovely and it will capture you right away and you will fall in love with Fionavar and so much more. Doesn’t require a whole post just to say “I agree with you or like what you wrote”.

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Hope you try Version 2. and try out the new AppleWatch feature as well. We have also added a new AppleWatch feature as well. Hi Cliff, Sorry for the delay, we just noticed your review. We have had some rare reports of this happening and we are working on a fix. A quick work around is to delete the app and re-install. Then from the settings menu, select the 'Restore Purchases' button. Makes a different sound for level and not. ish it would give inches that the RV is out of level. Your able to have a slight angle for water drainage by getting it level then watching the indicator light up to the front or back to show out of level. We've got an update in the works to give you measurements.

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? Nice. SamKoss 2 ? ? Neeeeever listen Sophie Turners interviews, she has been trolling the community for the last 6 years. Sansa looks shocked, so she might see Arya or Bran for the first time in years. Hard to tell, she thinks both are dead so expression as shocked as it is, gives away very little. Arya looks to be seeing something for the first time in ages as well, most likely Winterfell. Jon looks worried, then again, he always looks worried. Most likely Dickon, so good ol Randy can contemplate the fact that Sam is his heir again. SamKoss 2 ?

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“There was a moribund civil rights division that was rejuvenated like Lazarus when Obama took office in 2009,” Goff said. Nearly 700 of the 942 pardons and commutations granted under Obama, including Wilson’s, have come in just the past 10 months. The spike follows the DoJ’s 2014 clemency initiative, which encouraged federal prisoners meeting certain criteria to submit petitions for commutations. As a result, the department has processed more than 20,000 petitions over these past three years. By comparison, during Ronald Reagan’s entire eight years in office, his justice department processed just over 1,300 applications and granted a total of 13. But while the number of accepted petitions under Obama is unprecedented, it is also underwhelming, in part because the federal government has not been able to keep pace with the tens of thousands of applications. While most of Obama’s executive actions could be undone by Trump, cutting short the sentences of inmates will have a permanent impact for those individuals. “My big hope is that this clemency campaign now really breaks through in Obama’s final days,” Jones said. “That’s the last thing he can do to really cement his legacy: send home folks who have served more than a fair amount of time and let them return to their families. . Educator of the Week is sponsored by the North Carolina Education Lottery.

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Your average viewer don't understand the impact of a negative subliminal esp when it comes to young viewers. They should have sent the writers back to the drawing board after those first drafts. That's one of the main reason why I stopped watching Glee in the first place. House Votes 232-190 To Restore Net Neutrality Rules, Mcconnell Refuses To Let Senate Vote On It. Reusable Bags At Checkout Carousels To Cut Down On Plastic. Paramedics Pull Injured To Safety After A Blast And Fire In Durham, North Carolina. Black Mamas Matter Alliance: Contraception Is Not A Remedy For Poverty. Serena Williams Says Caption This Picture Of Baby Girl Olympia. Judge Marilyn Milian Flirting With Vinny Guadagino And He Flirts Back Milf Vibes. Flop Rapper Azealia Banks Wants Smoke With Rico Nasty, Says She Has Special Ed Teeth. What Is The Ugliest Facial Feature A Person Can Have?

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Giorgio Cattaneo: a chi giovano le deliranti minacce rivolte a Mentana, al punto da trasformarlo in eroe della liberta d'informazione. Del tipo: negli anni di piombo, giornalisti come Indro Montanelli finirono all’ospedale “gambizzati” (mentre altri, come Walter Tobagi e Carlo Casalegno, non ebbero altrettanta fortuna). Gli toglie prestigio e credibilita, e alla fine indebolisce il sistema democratico stesso, privandolo delle verita indispensabili alla buona salute dell’opinione pubblica. Col tempo, non ha solo silenziato le indagini indipendenti sull’11 Settembre. Vale anche per il cosiddetto complottismo declassato a gossip. Le famiglie italiane sono state terremotate dall’obbligo vaccinale per bambini e neonati. E non e “scienza” l’ordine dei biologi, che ha scoperto vaccini “sporchi” e inefficaci, perche privi degli agenti immunizzanti. Consultando i maggiori fotografi internazionali, nel documentario “American Moon” ha dimostrato che le immagini del mitico allunaggio del 1969 furono girate in studio. Milanese come Mentana, Mazzucco e nato come fotografo, assistente di Oliviero Toscani. Una circostanza piu che anomala: mai prima verificatasi, nella storia degli Usa (ne mai piu ripetutasi, infatti). Bush gia il 9 settembre 2001, lo stesso giorno in cui i terroristi del “signore della guerra” Gulbuddin Hekmatyar uccisero l’unico legittimo leader agfhano, Ahman Shah Massoud.

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All of this is possible because new feature phones are launching with support for 4G networks, largely because carriers are dropping 2G and 3G to make way for 4G LTE expansion as well as 5G. As mobile operators look for ways to replace revenue earned from voice and text, they are increasingly looking at a data and services business model. 4G feature phones are becoming essential in countries where data is expensive, and where there’s a wide gap in digital literacy. Since KaiOS doesn’t need to use much data, it’s likely a cheaper option than going for an Android Go smartphone; it also doesn’t require as much of a learning curve for someone who has never used a smartphone before. But the software doesn’t just work well for emerging markets — it also works for people with smartphones. The Nokia 8110 4G, for example, can act as a 4G hotspot for your smartphone, or as a backup phone thanks to its 17-day battery life. Access to email, calendar, contacts, as well as apps like Facebook and Google Maps, give you all the essentials you might want on a phone to use, say, on your next hiking trip. KaiOS Technologies originally started as a project at TCL Corporation, but founder and Chief Executive Officer Sebastien Codeville told Digital Trends he pitched the idea of separating it as a new company so KaiOS could work with different manufacturers. Codeville said his company now has almost 200 employees, with offices set up around the world. With 20 million active users as of February 2018, Codeville said he’s targeting between 120 to 150 million active KaiOS users by the end of the year. What’s unique about the company is how hyperlocal it is — especially since it has employees across the world.