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Largely self taught, DuBois began his pursuit in film as a production assistant for Raw Media Network matriculating into a position with Paper Brown Bag Clothing, as Visual Content Director. In 2011 DuBois formed MindFrame Filmworks and was awarded an artist in residence grant at Solo(s) Project House Gallery for his documentary THE GANTALIST, a comprehensive look at fine artist Jerry Gant, presently archived at the Newark Library. DuBois has directed, shot, produced and or edited over 40 documentaries both domestically and internationally with a focus on humanity, and social change. As an educator DuBois taught film production for 3 years at Rutgers University before deciding to further his own education at the illustrious American Film Institute Conservatory. At the AFI DuBois was awarded the Barbakow Scholarship twice, and upon graduation in 2017 with a MFA in Directing DuBois completed two thesis films most notably “WHERE THE WATERRUNS”, a Afro-Furturist drama inspired by the Flint Water Crisis. Recently DuBois was a semifinalist with the HBO DIRECTORS ACCESS program, and a screening participant at Creative Artists Agency’s Meoibus Showcase. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production from the University of Southern California, where he was awarded the prestigious Directors Guild of America John Frankenheimer Fellowship. Wes’ most recent film, Palante, a film shot in Cuba with Werner Herzog was awarded Best International Film at the Official Latino Film Festival in New York City and has been officially selected in various film festivals across the country. His other bodies of work includes photographing more than 20 short films, two independent documentaries located in Thailand and Japan, and two feature-films set to release internationally in 2018. Wes loves to keep it fun on set, loves to camp, hike, salsa dance and is an Eagle Scout dedicated to nature and world travel. Follow Chris Wong Chris Gallego Wong is a first-generation American filmmaker born in New York City. He became obsessed with movies at a very young age, primarily due to his fondness for Christopher Reeve’s Superman. He was heavily involved with the theatre arts programs at his middle school and high school and began working professionally as an actor in his teens. Chris went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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In addition, for seven of them, the program created routes with fewer steps, improved yield, better time or lower costs than routes created previously by chemists. For the eighth, the program produced a route that resulted in the first synthesis of the desired target. Explore further: 'Google on steroids': Scientists create chemical brain More information: Tomasz Klucznik et al. All of these computer-planned routes were successfully executed in the laboratory and offer significant yield improvements and cost savings over previous approaches, provide alternatives to patented routes, or produce targets that were not synthesized previously. Caltech postdoctoral scholar in theoretical astrophysics Andre da Silva Schneider decided to tackle this problem using computer codes. Over the past three years, he has been developing open-source software that allows astrophysicists to generate their own equations of state. In a new paper in the journal Physical Review C, he and his colleagues describe the code and demonstrate how it works by simulating supernovas of stars 15 and 40 times the mass of the sun. The research has immediate applications for researchers studying neutron stars, including those analyzing data from the National Science Foundation's Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory, or LIGO, which made the first detection of ripples in space and time, known as gravitational waves, from a neutron star collision, in 2017. However, through a close study of sea anemones, Dr. Yehu Moran of Hebrew University's Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Science, found that animals change their venom several times over the course of a lifetime, adapting the potency and recipe of their venom to suit changing predators and aquatic environments. Today, in a study published in eLife, Moran and his team describe their findings. They studied the Nematostella, a relative of the jellyfish, from cradle to grave. Nematostella are sea anemones that belong to the Cnidaria family of jellyfish and corals. They begin their life as tiny larvae and grow into animals measuring several inches long.

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8. Once you get addicted to the stuff and destroy youre body. Just goes to show you that Cougars have longer lives and shooting stars. What is the big deal about SS if everyone is passing at 65 or before. I always look at this part of the Oscars and hope they cover as many as they can. These people become such a big part of our lives and allowed us to escape the mondaine. Learning of their passing help us do a self check on our own mortality. Why is it a pictures of Liv tyler before the video begins. Okay, I really didn't know David Graf was gone. olice Academy rocked, all 7 films. can't believe they made it to 7 and it was still funny, definitely the best era of film. Omgosh, thank you as I didn't know Steven Hill had passed away. I loved him in the role as the crsnky D. .

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The balance between the calm and the storm is straddled. In fact, it reminds me of the now defunct Locust’s early. Some nice touches here and there, encroaching industrial-ish textures intrude pleasingly on track 3, some feedback on track 4. It’s never going to replace your early Nocturnal Emissions (as it were) in that department, though. Whether you’d want to go to that party is another matter. All that is undercut by the dancefloor-aimed BPMs and the sense that it’s pretty much good-time music and they’re having too much fun to take it too seriously (hopefully). The seven pieces here were recorded at various war memorials located at cemeteries and the like in different parts of Boleslaw’s native country. They collect birdsong and the buzzing sound of insects or wind rustling through the trees clearly designed to both capture the ambience of such places and contemplate over. The tumultuous yet soothing sounds of nature itself are used to mask a greater turbulence, encapsulating what has passed whilst both simultaneously asking why and celebrating the present. Thoughtful and commanding, this makes for a fine release. Limited to 66 that have long gone, but a second edition appeared and, of course, a download is available. (RJ). Inspired by paintings of the cosmos and infinity by UK artist Kathryn Thomas, we are treated to gentle ebbs of subtle sound primed perfectly for gazing at the stars. Hewn from a lulling sensibility that manages to evoke both our microcosmic wonder and a modicum of calm, these pieces drift in and out of the periphery of consciousness like a school of floaters over the retina.

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Carlos Jimenez: Were are you tro we miss you Swervo Exidy: TRO IS MISSING. Is it THAT difficult for us a community to find out whether he's still alive? -O Im actually quite worried that something bad happened to him. I mean; there's tons of fans here, surely some of us know his real name or anything useful that might let us determine if Tro's oke or not. Like: school-mates, neighborhood friends, etcetera. ust wondering. kiara moore: finally you upload again. It’s the human tendency to overindulge(I like this thing so I must have more of it)that dooms us. Johny Bandeal: Could u come back thats my new years resolution. TREY WEY: Who else gets really really light headed when they talk about this gross shit sound life dirt: whyulion lmao sorry but that shit right there is crazy, instead of a gallon of milk in a the fridge it's blood. Paranormal Cucumber: I hope she chokes on a blood clot karen donaldson: This woman is obviously mentally ill. Razor Resolve: For every day that to doesn't return ill cut a limb off starting with toes. Like if u will to Jukebox1234: COME BACK TRO PLEASE WE MISS U PAPA Isaac: React to dr phil rap battle against late night show guy Alisha Ashford: Yoooo come back. Whackyyyyyyyyyy: Where r u tro Evan: Beasty did it first Kazuto kirigia: thanks Dracula's sister you ruined my diner RyanTv Films: She is gross Chubbz x: HUMAN BLOOD WHAT THE FUCK Jediael: What happened man Eli Val: Jeffrey Borycki I need to know if my man's tro is good No Reasons: I wonder what she pisses out.

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All right, I've picked on the movie pretty well. o what did I like? Well, in terms of sleaze the film certainly didn't disappoint. All four main characters doff their clothes more than once, supplying us with copious amounts of all natural female full frontal, male bumcake, and even a few, brief sausage shots (the last two I could have done without, but whatever). Mondo Macabro presents a strong, good-looking, anamorphic widescreen (1. 6:1) picture on this DVD, along with a very solid Dolby Digital stereo audio track. Also provided is a choice between an English dubbed track, Spanish with English subtitles, and a Spanish only track. Normally I'd probably rate this a three and a half star film, but given the obvious efforts by Mondo Macabro in terms of the DVD release, I have no problem given a four star rating overall. Funny at times! You will ask yourself if you would really follow two complete strangers over an hour with your dog in the car just to socialize and have a few drinks. If you are looking for deep story and plot with over the top special effects - this flick is not for you. Please try again later. big guy 5. out of 5 stars satan's blood.

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Here was a snooper in the attic claiming the moral high ground while passing judgment on unsuspecting people below. I was the Voyeur’s pen pal, his confessor, perhaps, or an adjunct to a secret life he chose not to keep completely secret. Several times over the years, it occurred to me that I would be wise to discontinue our correspondence. Foos was not a subject I could write about, despite my curiosity about how it would end. If he did, what would be the trial strategy of his attorneys. Was he naive enough to think that jurors would accept that his attic was a laboratory in quest of truth. Still, whenever an envelope from Foos arrived, I opened it. In March, 1985, after a long silence, he wrote to say that Donna had died. She had been in her mid-forties and suffered from lupus. There was a new woman in his life, a divorcee named Anita Clark. He had met her one afternoon when she was pulling her two small children down East Colfax Avenue in a red wagon. Anita took over Donna’s duties in the motel office. Like Donna, she was happily complicit in Foos’s secret life. From subsequent letters I learned that business was going so well that, in 1991, Foos bought a second motel down the street, called the Riviera.

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Daly, Kieran Campion, Matt Chapman Director: Robert Daniel Phelps Writer: Gaetano Aprea, Shaun McLean. Becher, Wolf Biermann, Mikhail Gorbachev, Erich Honecker, Helmut Kohl Director: Wolfgang Kissel Writer: Wolfgang Kissel. Kaufmann, Joel Rogosin Director: Uli Gaulke, Agnes-Lisa Wegner. Cho urutora 8 kyodai) (NR) Cast: Hiroshi Nagano, Takeshi Tsuruno, Takeshi Yoshioka Director: Takeshi Yagi Writer: Kei'ichi Hasegawa. Sullivan, Henry Edwards Director: Ronald Neame Writer: Winston Graham, Margaret Kennedy. O'Connor Director: Robert Altman Writer: Garry Trudeau. Aubrey Smith, Doris Lloyd, Forrester Harvey Director: W. . Van Dyke Writer: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Cyril Hume. Schuster Writer: Edgar Rice Burroughs, William Lively. Behrendt, Dietmar Bar Director: Kaspar Heidelbach Writer: Uwe Erichsen, Wolfgang Wysocki. Behrendt, Dietmar Bar, Tessa Mittelstaedt, Oleg Zhukov, Claudia Michelsen Director: Herwig Fischer Writer: Dagmar Gabler. Nicolas Redondo (NR) Director: Inaki Arteta Writer: Inaki Arteta, Alfonso Galletero. Woods Writer: James Curtis, Paul Gangelin, Derek N.

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Downloads—Download drivers, software, and updates for your WD product. digital media stored on your My Passport Ultra drive with your Windows 8 computer. For Mac computers, go to the Apple menu and select Software Update. Hello, I just bought a Macbook Air, and I have WD external 1 TB that I purchased back in test. User Manual. My Passport for Mac User Downloads—Download drivers, software, and updates for your WD product. I just bought a Western Digital WD Elements TB External hard drive, and I'm running a MacBook Pro with OS X Version WD - My Passport for Mac 1TB External USB Portable Hard Drive - Black -. Seagate Dashboard; Protect, Save and Share features; NTFS driver for Mac. User Manual. My Passport for Mac User Manual Downloads—Download drivers, software, and updates for your WD product. I am trying to use a recently purchased WD passport on my Macbook Pro. I have been googling and come across various sources saying. So I was astonished a couple of weeks back when the UPS driver dropped off a WD My Passport sized just a little bigger than a deck of cards — with a whopping. The My Passport drive comes equipped with WD Backup software to help make sure your photos.

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Simmons, and Cynthia Addai-Robinson. 2 hr. 8 R (strong violence and profanity throughout)-Tirdad Derakhshani ARMY OF ONE (Not previewed). Distributed by Artisan Entertainment. 1 hr. 41 R (strong violence, profanity, sexuality). THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS. (Not previewed). This 50-year-old landmark work of political cinema, now digitally restored, tracks the three-year conflagration between French soldiers and North African freedom fighters in the streets of the Algerian capital. The newsreel-style film, nominated for three Oscars, deployed a cast of nonprofessional actors and seethes with energy and authenticity. 1 hr. 27 No MPAA rating (realistic war footage). Ron Howard directs this nostalgic look at the Fab Four's touring years, with lots of behind-the-scenes footage. 2 hrs.

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That figure is based on our 2016 projections, and after taking into consideration USD16. bn in divestments so far agreed and as much as USD5bn for SABM’s Central European operations. It was the best the builders in our community had to offer in a brand new neighborhood that delivered new homes to middle class families. He was frequently violent with her, she said, and forced her into sex whenever he liked. (John Wayne denies raping her, and he was acquitted of marital sexual assault in a separate trial in November 1993. . buy canada goose jacket cheap. She had only been ridden a couple of times, so it was up to me to formally train her. Even from the beginning, she was unflappable, bombproof. Same with armor. For start it was hard for me to pick between 2 types of swords but then I realised which one is good vs humans and which one vs monsters. Martin Luther King, Jr. argued that peaceful disruption of “business as usual” is healthy, because it exposes buried injustice, which can then be addressed. In the canada goose outlet england 1980s, he fought lawmakers in California who wanted to quarantine AIDS patients.

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Why are you getting high quality replica bags weird over this. Elves high quality hermes replica uk would be better for early game ramping but would end up chumping in the end. So what did I learn from not going to Chinese school. I learned how to define myself without the benefit of a cultural framework. I’m half Chinese and half Italian, but I’m also Gabe. We’re all the sum total of our choices and decisions, and for better or for worse, I started out with a blank slate. More gun deaths means more chances to spin a story. Which will indeed cause only more dept and more death. More hate and more suffering among more than just one nation, but many. I understand where many of you come from but the main question is. These would be movies, television shows, and other media that is not produced by Marvel Studios or directly related to the MCU. Odin puts the tesseract on earth and has a family guard it for generations. It really easy to use and easy to set up. hope they enable the Ring alarm sensors to talk to other hubs.

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It has a great story to tell and it tells it in real style. Now his life is also in danger but can he do anything about it. He soon finds some snuff films on the heinous crimes but then things go wrong in ways he had never expected. And one man is desperate to know all about this mystical spa. Sandberg, this is the story of a kid terrified by some presence that soon needs to be investigated. And they have to seek help from the professionals. Directed by acclaimed horror-director James Wan, tensed and creepy, some real scary moments, brilliant editing and a great haunting musical score. A superb first half but the ending demands a little more. But then somebody is not telling the truth and finally both their lives are in danger. And then it soon becomes evident that this mystery demands a paranormal investigation. Extreme violence, disturbingly real and gory, and yet highly engaging. But instead of killing his target he starts searching for his wife. But then, an ego clash with the dangerous mafia boss can surely cost you much, may be your happiness if not your life. One of the best gangster movies I have seen till date.

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He has built relationships with Clark County School District, FIRST Robotics, Skybot and other educational institutions in order to collaborate and promote the camp as well as highlight these partners. Colin Sevier, director of information technology at Walker Furniture Dan Mattox, director of information technology at Greenspun Media Group Debbie Banko, CEO at Link Technologies Elias Benjelloun, founder of Tech Start for Kids Ernest Wilkerson, director of information technology at New Horizons Creation Church Jeffrey D. Nick Pocchia, director of information technology at Faraday Future Ray Ragle, broadcast engineer and information technology specaialist at Desert Sands Braodcasting Inc. Stacy Blattner, broker and general manager at Community Vision Stanton Snow, facilities director of information technology at the YMCA Susan Stone, director of information technology at Century Gaming Susie Kisner, assistant director of information technology at Turntable Health Michael Cox, director of information technologies at The Siegel Group Laura Fucci joined the city of Henderson in November 2012 as chief information officer. She is the president of the Society for Information Management, Las Vegas, and was recognized in the Government category at the 2013 Top Tech Exec Awards. Les Leonard is vice president of information technology of Resorts World Las Vegas. Leonard was recognized in the Gaming and Hospitality category at the 2015 Top Tech Exec Awards. Lester Lewis is an IT strategist in the state of Nevada. Currently, Lewis is the deputy chief information officer for Clark County. Lewis was recognized in the Government category at the 2015 Top Tech Exec Awards. Bob Schaich is senior vice president and chief information officer for the Nevada Market of UnitedHealth Group, a diversified health care services company. In 2015 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Top Tech Exec Awards. Manjit Gombra Singh is a member of the advisory board for college of engineering at UNLV and working on cybersecurity. Singh was honored in the Public Business category at the 2015 Top Tech Exec Awards.