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. Coast Guard cutter in 1970, seeking asylum. But the Americans returned him to his craft, and he was imprisoned in the USSR. Rich showed an adeptness with this seaborne story and in relating the militarily political ramifications that left a black mark on the Coast Guard for accepting Kudirka initially. Only after it was discovered that his mother was born in New York was Kudirka allowed by both governments to emigrate to the United States.

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The Egyptian art-activist group Mosireen whose practice involves broadcasting and disseminating self-filmed protest footage provided Mirza and Butler with some of the protest imagery used, and it is hard not to compare the duos work, here confined to a gallery, to that collective. Rather than seeking to reclaim the streets, Mirza and Butler seem to view broadcast media as a more relevant territory for contest. Yet unlike Halls TV Interruptions, and unlike Mosireens work, Deep State and only because of the context of its display doesnt quite manage to practise what it preaches. Mirza and Butler, who were nominated for the 2012 Jarman Award, won a commission for Channel 4s Random Acts strand on British terrestrial television, so perhaps their work will find its natural home in the near future. Courtesy Gimpel Fils, London Trevor PaglenThey Watch the Moon, c-type print, 2012.


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Host: And when didn't you start contradicting them. Although the camera does not reveal this for a moment, this name plate. We start to track along this name plate on which is written: 'Professor. There is a knock on the door. Specialist: Come in.


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Before he can wake up, Bran is touched by the Night’s King, giving him the ability to get to bran in the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave. It was also the event that triggered the tragic events at the end of the same episode. There’s also the knowledge that Bran’s journey means replacing the Three-Eyed Raven at some point. And finally (and maybe most important), there’s that connection the Night’s King now has with Bran. We are back at Winterfell, where young Ned Stark is saying his goodbyes to his family before heading off to the Vale, where he will serve as Jon Arryn’s ward with Robert Baratheon.